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Tara Roskell Art

Walk on the Wild Side Art Print

Walk on the Wild Side Art Print

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Ladies and gentlemen, explorers of eccentricity, gather 'round and feast your eyes on the splendid spectacle known as "Walk on the Wild Side"

A steampunk symphony of style, a face that defies convention. A hat that's home to heart-shaped glasses that double as a ticket to a whimsical adventure! 

This painting was born from a challenge!  The brief: A dash of olive, a splash of red, and a burst of leopard print – ingredients that sounded as harmonious as an orchestra of monkeys playing violins. But it thrust me out of my comfort zone and I painted my way to a delightful surprise.

Are you ready to take a Walk on the Wild Side?

An art print based on an original hand-painted mixed media abstract face created by Tara Roskell.

Printed on a 250gms Unicorn White uncoated stock (100% Recycled)

Highly resistant to UV light and PH neutral, allowing you to display it for years.

Mount and Frame not included



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