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Tara Roskell Art

Silent Scream

Silent Scream

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Have you ever been so spooked that your lungs are ready to burst, but all that escapes is a silent scream?

This character is frozen in a moment of terror. But why? Was it eerie shadows dancing in the night, a hair-raising near-miss, or perhaps just the prospect of a plateful of brussel sprouts😜?

This painting has a graffiti vibe, an explosion of creativity painted with the sheer abandon of a kid with a crayon. The background is a playground of blue with flickers of yellow and wavy strokes of pink painted with feeling.

Let your imagination run wild as you wonder what could have prompted the silent scream.

An original hand-painted mixed media abstract face.

Unframed - Mount and Frame not included

Dimensions: A2 size (42cm x 59.4cm)

Surface: Mixed media art board

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