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Tara Roskell Art

Missing Time Original Painting

Missing Time Original Painting

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"Missing Time," is a piece that for me the artist was an experience rather than a goal. I encountered the phenomenon where moments blend seamlessly, allowing time to slip away unnoticed. Imagine the drive home that you've taken so many times, it's like your car knows the way itself. You arrive, but you can't recall the journey. It's that sense of being in the moment and losing track of time.

What emerges is an abstract face that's both alien and oddly familiar, like encountering a friend from a parallel universe. There's a sense of intrigue, a tingle of excitement, yet no fear in sight. This face is a holder of secrets, a guardian of mysteries waiting to be unveiled.

"Missing Time" invites you to lose yourself, to be caught in the now. It's a reminder that the best moments are often those when we let go of time and simply immerse ourselves in the experience. 

An original hand-painted mixed media abstract face.

Unframed (frame for illustration purposes only)

Dimensions: A3 size (29.7cm x 42cm)

Surface: Mixed media artboard

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