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Tara Roskell Art

Spaniel Dog Painting - "Feed Me Eyes"

Spaniel Dog Painting - "Feed Me Eyes"

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"Feed Me Eyes" is a playful and vibrant abstract painting that captures the essence of that classic, heart-melting gaze our beloved canine companions give us when they're eager for a treat. In this funky graffiti-style artwork, a lively Spaniel comes to life, inviting us to share in its irresistible charm.

The words of the title, "Feed Me Eyes," are artfully collaged into the painting, right beside the Spaniel, reinforcing the message of those irresistible eyes.

An original hand-painted mixed media abstract face.

Unframed - Mount and Frame not included

Dimensions: A2 size (42cm x 59.4cm)

Surface: Mixed media art board

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