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Tara Roskell Art

Savage Scream Original Painting

Savage Scream Original Painting

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My paintings usually wear a poker face, leaving it up to you, the audience, to decode their hidden emotions. But this time, I decided to paint a scream so intense that you can practically feel it in your bones.

This is a scream so savage that it could make the bravest among us shiver. You would not want to meet this character on a dimly lit night. Daylight wouldn't offer much comfort either. This character embodies fear itself, a living, breathing nightmare that could give you goosebumps with just a glance.

Are you ready to ride the roller coaster of emotion with "Savage Scream"?

An original hand-painted mixed media abstract face.

Unframed (frame for illustration purposes only)

Dimensions: A3 size (29.7cm x 42cm)

Surface: Mixed media artboard

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