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Tara Roskell Art

Future Horizons Art Print

Future Horizons Art Print

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Meet the alien voyager, an enigmatic being that embarks on journeys across planets, unravelling the mysteries of distant worlds.

While normally invisible to the human eye, a phenomenon occurs when midnight rain descends. The alien's face softly glows, leaving a magical impression on those who witness it. However, such encounters are met with skepticism and disbelief. Could aliens truly exist and walk among us?

As you think about the mysteries of the universe, ask yourself: If you could go anywhere in space, where would you want to explore?

An art print based on an original hand-painted mixed media abstract face painting created by Tara Roskell.

Printed on a 250gms Unicorn White uncoated stock (100% Recycled)

Highly resistant to UV light and PH neutral, allowing you to display it for years.

Mount and Frame not included



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