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Tara Roskell Art

Electric Eyes Art Print

Electric Eyes Art Print

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Meet the star – a fusion of steampunk and curiosity. Adorned with steam-punk goggles on a hat as subtle as a wink in a secret society, This character definitely breaks the mold. 

And that squinting eye, a joyful mash-up of steampunk aesthetics and the dance of electric diagrams, a nod to the electronic diagrams that my Dad would bring home when I was a child.

A backdrop of olive sets the stage, while our character, a true kaleidoscope of expression, flaunts splashes of red, blue, yellow, white, lime green, and bold black. It's a carnival of colour that dances harmoniously. 

"Electric Eyes" is a portal to a mysterious world where curiousity and imagination rule. Wouldn't you love to visit?

An art print based on an original hand-painted mixed media abstract face painting created by Tara Roskell.

Printed on a 250gms Unicorn White uncoated stock (100% Recycled)

Highly resistant to UV light and PH neutral, allowing you to display it for years.

Mount and Frame not included



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