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Tara Roskell Art

Pure Heart Art Print

Pure Heart Art Print

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To me, a dog embodies pure-heartedness. They don't care about your bed hair, your mismatched clothes, or the hole in your shoe. They're simply overjoyed to be by your side. And those eyes – they can pull at your heartstrings with genuine devotion (or perhaps it's just another biscuit they're after; we'll never really know 😀).

I relished the challenge that this piece presented. Typically, my artistic focus leans towards human-style faces. So, it was an interesting departure to paint an animal in my signature style.

An art print based on an original hand-painted mixed media abstract face painting created by Tara Roskell.

Printed on a 250gms Unicorn White uncoated stock (100% Recycled)

Highly resistant to UV light and PH neutral, allowing you to display it for years.

Mount and Frame not included



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