New Hair Do

I'm calling this one - "Is That a New Hair Do?"

Let's face it wouldn't everybody like a snail hairdo where its shell becomes a hair bun?

What is the favourite hairdo you've ever had and what is the worst?

My favourite was about 15 years ago I found a hairdresser I liked and for a while I loved how she cut my hair. One day I had just had it cut and someone who was trying to get my attention in town (trying to promote something) said, "hey you with the funky hair." No one had ever called my hair funky before, and they haven't done since.

My worst hair-do was when I was about 18. It was the eighties and so it was the dreaded perm! I went to the Cinema with my friend that night and I remember going in the bathrooms and putting water on it to try and flatten it down (think Bob Ross).

So nowadays I think I am safer just sticking a hat on it!

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